Treatments for Oxidative Stress
& Damage to the Endothelium in blood vessels

Important Note

If tests show that you suffer from any of these abnormalities / dysfunctions, you can view the treatment options available and discuss them with your own medical doctor or consultant.
These treatments can only be undertaken with the permission and supervision of your own medical doctor

Several research studies show high levels of oxidative stress in ME patients. This suggests ongoing damage to the organs, blood vessels and the body. Your test results will show your oxidative status. This is important, in consideration of the fact that many ME patients have suffered premature heart attacks, some have died - Patient deaths from ME . The heart is vulnerable to oxidative stress over a prolonged period of time.

Treatments include :.

  • Cordyceps is a very effective antioxidant
  • Re-designating old medical drugs for CFS Treatment
    CFIDS Association of America has got Biovista ( ) in the USA to engage in research and data mining of thousands of medical drugs (including some which are currently out of use) and find matches between them and the symptoms, abnormalities and dysfunctions found in ME. They are compiling a list of these medical drugs. Safety guidelines, side effects, clinical reports and general efficacy and other factors will also be taken into account for each medical drug
  • Stress Reduction
    In addition to getting medical treatment for immune system, krebs cycle and methylation cycle dysfunctions, infections and other biological abnormalities and dysfunctions one should also get Stress Reduction treatment as all physical illnesses including Cancer, AIDS, ME, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune illness, Cardiac related illnesses, advanced Diabetes, etc. causes great stress for patients. Click here for Stress Reduction treatment


Research articles & Clinical Findings
some ME clinics use this. See listing of clinics in Diagnosis and Treatments section

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