Restoring energy - using Qigong or Chi Kung & Meditation


Important Note
If tests show that you suffer from any of these abnormalities / dysfunctions, you can view the treatment options available and discuss them with your own medical doctor or consultant. These treatments can only be undertaken with the permission and supervision of your own medical doctor

  • Qigong  or Chi Kung 
    If you are able, do light, gentle exercise such as Qigong  or Chi Kung  and Tai Chi every day. They consist of very gentle, slow exercises and deep breathing, many of them can be done standing up or sitting down and involve little or no movement. They open up the energy centers and cause healthy energy (chi) to flow throughout the body, rebuilding and restoring health. They are designed to build up your energy levels not to build muscle or get fit. In China, millions of elderly people some in their eighties and nineties can be seen doing these exercises every day. They do not cause pains and aches like other forms of exercise, as they are gentle and slow. Their focus on increasing energy levels makes them excellent for ME. I have attached a good introduction video to chi kung or qi gong exercises. As you will see it involves little or no movement and focuses on building up one's energy. I have also included a link to a book below called 'Chi Kung for health and vitality' by Wong Kiew Kit, which you can buy immediately on Amazon. This book is written by a well known Chinese master in Chi Kung.

    Video: Youtube video - Chi Kung Exercises

    Book: Chi Kung for Health and Vitality: A Practical Approach to the Art of Energy

    Research: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Qigong Exercise on Fatigue Symptoms, Functioning, and Telomerase Activity in Persons with Chronic Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rainbow et al. Annals of Behavioral Medicine Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 160-170

  • Transcendental meditation to relax the mind and body. Individual meditation or meditation groups.


Research articles & Clinical Findings
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