Vaccines and ME/CFS


Kerr et al provide evidence of other triggers of (ME)CFS which include Parvovirus; C. pneumoniae; C. burnetti; toxin exposure and vaccination including MMR, pneumovax, influenza, hepatitis B, tetanus, typhoid and poliovirus (LD Devanur,  JR Kerr. Journal of Clinical Virology 2006: 37(3):139-150).

Some individuals and subgroups develop adverse immune system reactions to vaccines. This is related to one's genes, and genetic structure including weaknesses and predispositions (for certain illnesses). Other factors include status and strength of one's immune system prior to vaccination, mercury in vaccines, adjuvants in vaccines and other types of vaccine contamination involving pathogens, toxins, and chemicals. Also the number of vaccines given at once and the age of the person is important. The immune system can be overwhelmed by multiple vaccinations in a short period of time. Additionally, the immune systems of children are not fully developed, and are thus vulnerable. These issues are often overlooked by medical doctors, yet they are a significant factor in immune system illnesses and degenerative illness. Several high profile court cases and compensation payments to patients show that this is a serious medical problem.

Hepatitis B vaccine
Federal Court judgment in 2013, USA
Hepatitis B vaccine has been ruled to cause chronic fatigue syndrome
ME/CFS and Vaccines

Swine Flu Vaccine
News Reports linking Swine Flu vaccine to increased risk of Narcolepsy
Research papers

Polio Vaccine
Consequences of live poliovirus vaccine administration in chronic fatigue syndrome. Vedhara K , Llewelyn MB , Fox JD , Jones M , Jones R , Clements GB , Wang EC , Smith AP , Borysiewicz LK . J Neuroimmunol. 1997 May;75(1-2):183-95. PMID: 9143253

Other Vaccines
The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can “Sleep At Night” – 44 girls are officially known to have died from these vaccines
Infection and vaccination in chronic fatigue syndrome: myth or reality? Appel S , Chapman J , Shoenfeld Y . Autoimmunity. 2007 Feb;40(1):48-53. PMID: 17364497
Fibromyalgia, infection and vaccination: two more parts in the etiological puzzle. Ablin JN , Shoenfeld Y , Buskila D . J Autoimmun. 2006 Nov;27(3):145-52. PMID: 17071055

Adjuvants in Vaccines
The Common Immunogenic Etiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: From Infections to Vaccines via Adjuvants to the ASIA Syndrome. Rosenblum H , Shoenfeld Y , Amital H . Infect Dis Clin North Am. 2011 Dec;25(4):851-63. PMID: 22054760 
A role for the body burden of aluminium in vaccine-associated macrophagic myofasciitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Med Hypotheses. 2009 Feb;72(2):135-9. PMID: 19004564 Exley C , Swarbrick L , Gherardi RK , Authier FJ .

Cover up of relationship between vaccines and ME/CFS
The following link exposes a cover up relating to ME and CFS and other illnesses. The allegations made are serious and merit legal action(s).

Contamination of Vaccines


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