Cryptostrongylus Pulmoni

  • US Patent. 'Methods of diagnosing and treating an intestinal and lung roundworm infection.' Klapow, Lawrence A. Application No. 403278 filed on 03/13/1995. US Classes: 424/45, 424/405. Examiners Primary: Bawa, Raj Attorney, Agent or Firm Medlen & Carroll. International Class A61K 009/12.
  • Suspected New Species of Chronic Roundworm Parasite, Cryptostrongylus pulmoni, Associated with CFS in Blinded Trials. Lawrence A. Klapow PhD, Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 1999 5(3/4): 247-248

  • Klapow LA: A suspected new chronic roundworm parasite, Cryptostrongylus pulmoni (provisional), associated with chronic fatigue syndrome in blinded trials. Poster Presentation. Proceedings of the 2001 ME/CFS AHMF Conference in Sydney Australia 
  • Klapow LA: Roundworm-like specimens in the sputum of chronic fatigue syndrome patients and controls in open and blinded analysis. Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1999;5 (3/4):247-8. 

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