Clonal excess abnormality


  • 'After studying samples from fifty patients, Wormsley estimated that the rate of clonal excess abnormality in the (CFS) fatigue patients from Nevada was at least 25 per cent.
    'Oslers Web, by Hillary Johnson, Penguin Books 1997, page 94
    As reported in Osler's Web in 1985, Drs. Cheney and Peterson used a then new medical test for spotting lymphomas at a presymptomatic stage. They utilized a test, developed by Harvard scientists, to monitor the progression of B-cell lymphomas since various uncommon tumors had been spotted in some of their CFS patients. The uniqueness of the test was that the measurements are done on a single-cell basis or a per-cell basis thus enabling scientists to detect very small numbers of circulating abnormal cells. The test that Drs. Cheney and Peterson utilized is known as the kappa-lambda light chain or clonal excess assay. It uses flow cytometry to quantitate cell abnormalities.
    It is a test that is commonly used now by oncologists for suspicions of multiple myeloma. What Drs. Cheney and Peterson learned was that 25% of their CFS patients tested positive for light chain clonal excess. Source:

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