Methylation cycle blocks and glutathione deficiency


    Paul R Cheney MD, PhD
    Fatigue 2000: International Conference, 23-24 April 1999
  • Bounos G, Molson J. 1999 Competition for glutathione precursors between the immune system and the skeletal muscle: pathogenesis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Med Hypoth 53:347-349.
  • Droge W, Holm E. 1997 Role of cysteine and glutathione in HIV infection and other diseases associated with muscle wasting and immunological dysfunction. FASEB J 11:1077-1089.
  • An article in the journal Medical Hypothesis proposed that glutathione, an antioxidant essential for lymphocyte function, may be depleted in CFS patients. Glutathione is needed for both the immune system and for aerobic muscular contraction. The authors proposed that glutathione depletion by an activated immune system also causes the muscular fatigue and myalgia associated with CFS (Bounous et al. 1999).
  • MTHFR gene mutation found in some ME and CFS patients
    The Human Genome Project found that this gene has been found to be mutated or abnormal in many people. Some ME and CFS patients have this genetic abnormality. This causes methylation cycle blockage, immune system abnormalities, thyroid and endocrine abnormalities, excess inflammation, antioxidant deficiencies, high homocysteine levels, arteriosclerosis and cardiac abnormalities, fatty liver, increased Cancer risk, neurotransmitter abnormalities and mood disorders, IBS, detoxification deficiency, multiple chemical sensitivity, cell growth and maintenance abnormalities. All of these are commonly found in ME and CFS patients.
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