Need for new medical drugs in Ireland & Designation of drugs for ME treatment

Certain new drugs have been found to be very effective in the treatment of ME in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and other EU countries. Most Irish doctors and the Irish Medical Council have never heard about these new ME drugs. Their knowledge on these matters is out of date. This lack of knowledge means ME patients are being deprived of treatments which could greatly improve their condition and bring about recovery in a majority of cases. Many ME patients have been waiting several years and decades, they cannot continue waiting, people are dying of ME and the serious health complications caused by ME.

The Irish government and Irish Medicines Board should approve and designate the following medical drugs and supplements for ME treatment on the basis of scientific research findings and successful medical treatments in several countries. These should be made available on the medical card or state payment schemes or federal payment schemes or private insurance payment schemes.

The treatments and medical drugs and supplements are listed in the following section - (5) Medical Treatment

A nation's health should be seen by governments as an investment not a cost ; indeed an investment which can reduce economic costs and increase overall economic revenues and productivity over the medium to long-term.





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