Spinal Fluid Proteins & Proteomic Analysis Test

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Spinal Fluids & Proteomic Findings .
Scientific Findings in Primer for International Consensus Criteria (2012)


  • A team from the New Jersey Medical School have discovered that proteome analysis of cerebrospinal fluid can identify chronic fatigue syndrome in patients. This is a new type of diagnostic methodology for illnesses and diseases. The following paper provides information on this procedure - Distinct cerebrospinal fluid proteomes differentiate post-treatment Lyme disease from chronic fatigue syndrome. Schutzer SE, Angel TE, Liu T et al.  PLoS One 6(2), e17287 (2011); University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • A chronic fatigue syndrome - related proteome in human cerebrospinal fluid.  Baraniuk, JN., Casado, B., Maibach, H., Clauw, DJ., Pannell, LK and Hess, S.  BMC Neurology, 2005, 5:22. See diagram below.

  • Mathew, S. J., Mao, X., Keegan, K. A., Levine, S. M., Smith, E. L. P., Heier, L. A., Otcheretko, V., Coplan, J. D. and Shungu, D. C. (2009), Ventricular cerebrospinal fluid lactate is increased in chronic fatigue syndrome compared with generalized anxiety disorder: an in vivo 3.0 T 1H MRS imaging study. NMR Biomed., 22: 251–258. See graph below:

  • Elevated homocysteine in the cerebrospinal fluid
    Regland B, Andersson M, Abrahamsson L, et al. Increased concentrations of homocysteine in the cerebrospinal fluid in patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Scand J Rheumatol 1997;26:301-307
  • Distinct Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteomes Differentiate Post-Treatment Lyme Disease from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Steven E. SchutzerThomas E. Angel, Tao Liu, Athena A. SchepmoeTherese R. ClausJoshua N. AdkinsDavid G. Camp IIBart K. HollandJonas BergquistPatricia K. CoyleRichard D. SmithBrian A. FallonBenjamin H. Natelson. (2011)
  • Prevalence in the cerebro spinal fluid of the following infectious agents in a cohort of 12 CFS subjects: Human Herpes Virus 6 & 8; Chlamyclia Species; Mycoplasma Species, EBV; CMV and Coxsackie B Virus. Susan Levine JCFS 2001: 9: 91-2:41-51

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