Hypoglycemia Test & Diabetes Test


Scientific and Medical Evidence - Listing of Research conducted worldwide section :
Abnormal glandular functions & Abnormal HPA axis (Hypothalmus Pituary Adrenal axis)
Increased oxidative stress

Inability to metabolise glucose and sugar .
Canadian Criteria 2003 http://www.me-ireland.com/canada-overview.pdf

Some clinical studies and research studies show that many ME patients have Hypoglycemia. This can worsen fatigue and lead to mood disorders, anxiety, brain fog and weakness. Dr. Edward Conley of the Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Clinic, Michigan, USA has found that many of his ME patients have hypoglycemia. Though some ME patients have been found to have diabetes after intensive tests.

  • Ask your doctor or medical specialist or endocrinologist to run Hypoglycema tests and Diabetes tests. These tests are run over the course of 24 hours or 48 hours and provide detailed measurements and analysis of blood sugar levels and fluctuations over time. These tests are very important for ME / CFS patients.

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