Chiari malformation, Cervical spinal stenosis, CSF leaks & Other spinal inuries


Some ME patients may have this. This can cause chronic fatigue, brain fog, neuro-congnitive dysfunctions, and other neurological problems. You will need to consult a neurologist and get specialised MRI scans looking for

  • Chiari malformation and / or cervical spinal stenosis
  • CSF leaks
  • Stuctural damage to the spine and brain stem
  • Infections of the spine and brain stem, and inflammation
  • Check for all types of Spinal injuries. Also swelling of muscles, glands or tissues on either side of the spine, putting pressure on the spine. Also misalignment of vertebrae between the top of the neck and the middle of the back.

The world expert in these type of injuries is Dr. Ian Carroll of Stanford University


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