Cancer risks for ME patients

Scientific and Medical Evidence
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Increased risk of Cancer
Increased oxidative stress
Clonal Excess Abnormality .
Scientific Findings in Primer for International Consensus Criteria (2012)


  • Kappa/Lambda assay test
    In the book Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic by Hillary Johnson, medical doctors in the USA found an unusually high number of B cell lymphomas in ME patients. Special scientific tests showed that these B-cell Lymphomas in ME patients were unusual types, not seen before. The researchers found B-cell deficiency in all patients, and a positive result on the kappa/lambda assay for a majority of these patients. After studying samples from approximately fifty patients, Wormsley estimated that the rate of clonal excess abnormality in the CFS patients from Nevada was at least 25 percent ('Oslers Web, by Hillary Johnson, Penguin Books 1997, page 94). This is significant as kappa/lambda light chains are the result of abnormalities within the bone marrow B-cell lineage. This has direct on B-cells and overall immunity, and susceptibility to Cancers. Recent scientific studies show that the incidence rate of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is 0.02% in the United States, yet nearly 5% of CFS patients develop the disease. This is a significant risk factor.
  • Chromosonal damage in subsets of ME/CFS patients
    Dr. Heng of Wayne State University (USA) found serious chromosone breakage in 100% of ME/CFS patients using spectral karyotyping. 53% were identified as having chromosome translocations, often considered to be a recognized stepping stone of the cancer initiation process. Details provided on the NCF web site at
    • Test for chromosone damage using spectral karyotyping equipment used by Dr. Heng
    • Test for internal radionuclides and radioactive particles in patients. These would be sources of regular exposure to radiation, capable of causing chromosone damage.
      Research articles concerning radiactive particles in the environment and food chain and the development of Cancers, immune system, endocrine and neurological illnesses -
  • Gamma T cell clonal rearrangement Test
    This tests for pre-Cancerous conditions related to ME. A certain percentage of ME patients are at high risk of getting B cell Lymphoma and other Cancers. This test is recommended by Dr. Dan Peterson who has been involved in treating ME pateints and in sceintific research since the early 1990's.
  • Lynch Syndrome Test
    Lynch Syndrome is a series of inherited genetic mutations which increase a person's risk of several Cancers. This genetic test can be carried out in a major national hospital
  • Thyroid Malignancy Test
    Thyroid malignancy risk is greatly increased in ME patients. Thyroid cancer exists in only 1 per 100,000 of the general public, yet 6000 per 100,000 in M.E. and CFS patients. (Dr. Byron Hyde)
  • Do you eat foods containing high levels of toxins ?

    • hot dogs
    • sodas and fizzy drinks
    • foods containing MSG
    • foods containing hydrogenated fats
    • foods containing saturated fats
    • diet drinks containing aspartame
    • sausages and cured meats containing nitrosamines
    • chlorine in bathing / swimming water
    • foods containing additives and flavourings with E numbers
    • foods containing toxin residues from the land (arsenic in some rice)
    • flouride in drinking water ?
    • un-filtered drinking water
    all of these increase toxin load on the body with adverse effects on the body, in particular the immune system, the DNA, the mitochondria, the endocrine system and the brain and nervous system. Eliminate these foods and drinks from the diet.

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