Clinics for Diagnosis and Treatments

Welcome to the Diagnostics and Treatments section. This contains information about the various options available both nationally and internationally.

Top International Clinics
North America and South America, European Union and other countries
Clinics in Ireland


North America & South America

  • Dr. John Chia is a medical doctor with expertise in treating ME and CFS. He is Assistant Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine and President of EV Med Research, Director of the Enterovirus Foundation and is an international expert on Enteroviruses and their role in ME and CFS, and other diseases. His work is well acknowledged in North America and Europe.
    Address: 23560 Crenshaw Blvd #101, Torrance, CA 90505, United States of America.
    Phone:+1 310-784-5880
  • The Cheney Clinic in the USA . Dr. Paul Cheney has been treating ME and CFS since 1985. He was one of the doctors involved in treating patients in the Lake Tahoe outbreak in the mid 1980's in the USA. He is a highly regarded medical doctor and researcher, and is one of the most knowledgable doctors on ME and CFS in the world.
  • Dr. Daniel Peterson, is a well known ME and CFS doctor and researcher. He has been treating the illness since 1985, including treating victims of the Lake Tahoe outbreak in the 1980's. He has a very comprehensive knowledge of the illness. He currently works in Sierra Internal Medicine Associates 926 Incline Way, Incline Village NV 89452. Tel: (775) 832-0989
  • Dr. Byron Hyde has been involved in ME treatment and research since the mid 1980's and is one of the most experienced ME / CFS doctors in the world. Address: Dr. Byron Hyde, Nightingale Research Foundation, 121 Iona Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Book an Interview with Dr Byron Hyde on Skype or iChat Video
  • Dr. Alison Bested, in Toronto, Ontario. She is a highly experienced doctor who has been treating ME and CFS since the late 1990's. She was one of the authors of the Canadian criteria (2003).
  • Dr. Lucinda Bateman's medical clinic in Utah, USA. Dr. Bateman is a highly respected and well experienced medical doctor who has been treating ME / CFS patients since the late 1990's. Her expertise in ME / CFS has been ackowledged by the US government authorities and national patient organistions in the USA, who have asked her to serve on their committees and bodies.


  • Dr. Sarah Myhill's Clinic in Britain. Dr. Sarah Myhill is a distinguished and highly regarded medical doctor and researcher based in Wales. Dr. Myhill has been treating ME patients and researching the illness since the mid 1990's.

Australasia, Asia and Africa

  • Dr Hugh Derham
    Bicton - Healthquest - Point Walter Medical Centre
    322-324 Canning Highway (Cnr Point Walter Rd) Bicton WA 6157. Phone: 08 9438 2299
    Bicton - Bicton Medical Centre
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), commonly found in ME and CFS patients
    - The Royal Melbourne hospital familial cancer Centre, affiliated with Melbourne University has a genetics section dedicated to connective tissue diseases including EDS.
    - Royal Childrens Hospital - Professor Ravi Savirayan and Mr Gary Nattrass - recommendation from EDS Australia group
    - Monash Children's Hospital - Professor Sue Piper - recommendation from EDS Australia group
  • POTS commonly found in ME and CFS patients.
    - The clinical pharmacology department at the Austin Hospital which is affiliated with Melbourne University includes Specialist POTS Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Dr. Rosamund Vallings, New Zealand. A medical doctor with over 15 years experience treating ME/CFS patients and researching the illness, and one of the authors of the Canadian Criteria (2003) and International Consensus Criteria (2011)



Top Laboratories for ME Diagnostic Tests


- Genova Laboratory

- Redlabs in Belgium

The Wisconsin Viral Research Group, USA

Protea Biopharma

- European Laboratory of Nutrients, the Netherlands

- TDL laboratory

- Biolab Medical Unit



The Institute for Molecular Medicine

- Spectracell

- Meridian Valley Clinical Laboratory

- Diagnos-Tech, USA.

- Specialty Labs in Santa Monica, CA. USA

- Aeron LifeCycles Clinical Laboratory

- Great Plains Laboratory

- Advanced Laboratory Services is one of the top labs in the world for Lyme disease testing

- The following lab, InfectoLab is the top lab in Europe for Lyme disease testing

- The following medical clinic in Germany - Borreliose Centrum Augsburg is one of the top clinics in the world for diagnosing and treating Chronic Lyme disease

- Boulder Diagnostics have a good reputation in USA

- IGeneX lab, USA

- Melissa labs




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