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Campaign for an Irish ME clinic
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Secretary: Martin O'Brien.
Chairperson: David Egan.
Treasurer: James Ward.
Committee: Pat Duffy, Mary Burke, Tom Fahy, Ann Hughes, David Egan, Suzanne Young, Michael Murphy, Martin O'Brien, James Ward.

The Campaign for an Irish ME Clinic has registered for charitable status in Ireland. Charity number APP 21042. We believe in taking constructive action - putting money, resources, information and skills to work to get a world class ME clinic built in Ireland.

Why join ? We need people to work with us on this Campaign for an Irish ME clinic. We have explained the reasons for such a Clinic in the Why set up a Clinic section of our web-site. The only solution for ME patients in Ireland is to lobby for and obtain a national ME clinic which would use the successful diagnostic methods and treatments applied in the best ME clinics in the world. These treatments have cured thousands of ME patients, this is medical and scientific fact. This Clinic would empower ME patients to take responsibility for their own health and pursue a course of treatment which would enable them to recover from ME. This is something which is real, tangible and achievable in the present.  

Our objectives are:

(i)  Work in partnership and close collaboration with the Irish government, the Department of Health and HSE to finance the building and operation of an Irish ME clinic in Ireland. This could be a state financed clinic or a state-private partnership clinic or a private clinic with some state financing or backing. This Clinic would use the diagnostic and treatment protocols used in the most successful ME Clinics where thousands of patients have recovered from ME.

(ii) Engage in fund raising activity. Lobby private foundations and business people to (a) finance our campaign for an ME Clinic  (b) make a financial contribution towards the site acquisition costs and building development costs of an ME  Clinic.  Time is of the essence here as there are thousands of patients enduring terrible suffering and many are dying of complications caused by the illness - see Memorial section on web site

(iii) Work in partnership with the Irish government, the Department of Health, and the Irish Medicines Board to legalise and then designate certain medical drugs for the treatment of ME. These include Ampligen, Isoprinosine, Human Leukocyte Elastase inhibitors, MG132, Kutapressin, Valganciclovir, Acclydine Therapy, Klonopin (generic: clonazepam), Rituximab, acety-l-carnitine, Co-Q10, D-Ribose, VegEPA, B-12 injections, Melatonin, Doxepin, 5-HTP, Xyrem, and Naltrexone. These medical drugs have been proven to be very effective in treating ME in the USA, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Mexico and EU countries. Research articles have been provided on our web-site. ( This would empower Irish medical doctors to start treating the illness and bring about significant improvements in the symptoms and lives of ME patients.

(iv) Work for a Prioritisation of Research funding by governments, private research bodies, laboratories and research foundations & ME groups.

Government research funding could start at $90 per patient (65 euros, £55) and increase incrementally over time. This is a reasonable investment in research considering the high economic and social costs of the illness. This would give the following figures:
Ireland: 2.97 million euros per year
Britain: £34 million per year
USA: $284 million per year
European Union: 325 million euros per year

(v) Get research bodies, Universities, pharmaceutical companies, think tanks, and innovation businesses  more actively involved in ME research.

(vi) Liaise with top ME doctors, experts and researchers from around the world and learn more about their diagnostic and treatment protocols for ME, and how they operate successful ME clinics.

(vii) Educate the general public about ME. Including using the press and media and the running of public awareness campaigns to educate the general public about the illness

(viii) Engage with top international doctors and researchers for the purpose of educating and informing the general public about ME

(ix) Educate ME patients and carers about ME

(x) Continuously gather and collate research into ME and provide it on the web-site for the benefit of all ME patients in Ireland and abroad.

(xi) Build up a network of patients, carers and others to achieve the above. This involves public meetings in several Irish towns and cities once a month and accompanying planning and work activity by volunteers every week to achieve our objectives.

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