Victoria - Doctors and Specialists

By Kris Courtney on Monday, June 24, 2013


See also - - Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

See also - - website where public can share experiences with doctors and specialists in every city

Cardiologists or similar:

  • Brighton:  Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist: Dr Emily Kotschet, MBBS (Hons) FRACP, Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, Melbourne Heart Care
  • Box Hill: Dr Angas Hamer
  • Mildura:  Dr Chris Lim 
  • Prof Chris O'Callaghan, Austin Hospital in Heidelberg, Blood Pressure Clinic - FREE - also in private practise nearby. *NOT A CARDIOLOGIST* - specialises in postural hypotension and autonomic nervous system dysfunction - good to see for diagnosis of POTS/OI/EDS/NMH.  Does some Skype consults for remote & interstate patients.  (  some say he's fantastic, others say he wasn't able to help them.



  • Melbourne:  Professor Elsden Storey, The Alfred Hospital
  • Melbourne:  Dr Victor Gordon, Monash Medical Centre - has an interest in Dysautonomia and POTS, does tilt table test, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring
  • Melbourne:  Royal Melbourne Hospital Neurology clinic - FREE -  "to rule out MS was why i got a  referral there really; they were very good"



  • Royal Melbourne Hospital, Carlton - rheumatology outpatients - free with a GP referrall - wait time about 3 months



  • Melbourne:  Dr Ashley Miller
  • Melbourne:  Dr David Devonshire
  • Moorabbin:  Dr Adam Gordon (bulk bills hydrogen breath tests!)
  • Melbourne:  Dr Sam Battaglia (Knox Private Hospital, Mitchem Private Hospital
  • Melbourne:  Royal Melbourne Hospital, Coeliac Clinic - free with GP referral - wait time 2-3 monthsgreat on managing IBS and gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance etc.   they recommend the low FODMAPS diet of Sue Shepherd, dietician.   Dr Jason Tye-Dinn has developed a vaccine for coeliac.


Other Specialists (not GPs)

  • Royal Melbourne Hospital, Carlton - allergy clinic - free with a GP referral.  - includes immunology, allergies, immunopathology - "all the right testing, up to date with treatment and info
  • Professor Christopher O’Callaghan, clinical pharmacologist, Austin Hospital, Melbourne - special interest in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and POTS/OI.


General Practitioners  (including Specialists)

  • Brighton:  Dr Jenny McKern, GP - specialist in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, including chronic tiredness and fatigue, allergies, etc - - "she does lots of tests and works hard to help - (my health improved) under her care

  • Camberwell:  Dr Geoffrey Kemp, GP - specialist in Lyme Disease and ME/CFS  (Ph: 9882 1366)   mixed reports - "knowledgeable and thorough", "innappropriate behaviour", "not a pleasant experience, i suggest that women take someone along to appointments"

  • Clayton:  Dr Janne Randall, GP - specialist in ME/CFS/FM.  Whole Health Medical Clinic, 31 Dunstan St Clayton.

  • Donvale:  Dr Don Lewis & Dr Rashmi Cabena, GPs, CFS Discovery - specialising in ME/CFS - - the preliminary tests are expensive but thorough - recommended by many people

  • Glen Waverley:  Dr Colin Little, GP - immunologist, specialising in allergies, environmental triggers to allergies & illness, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) -

  • Hamilton:  Dr Andrew Bradbeer, GP, specialising in sleep and respiratory disorders - good facilities for overnight sleep studies - 

  • Moonee Ponds:  Dr Anne Small, integrative GP - knowledge of ME/CFS/FM -

  • Middle Park:  Dr Catherine Urie

  • Noble Park:  Dr Chanand Harangozo, GP, speicalising in Infectious Diseases, South Eastern Private Hospital (Ph: 9547 9133) - not the best as he seems to have quite basic knowledge on ME/CFS. Very thorough in his testing and elimination of other illnesses though - so good for that!

  • South Melbourne: Dr David Ungar, GP

  • South Yarra:  Dr Robin Wilcourt, integrative doctor (qualifications include obstetrics and sports medicine!) - appeared very knowledgable with a lot of things including FM/CFS, OI/POTS and I think some knowledge of EDS. Very thorough testing of bloods and takes time on initial appointment to go thru whats going on in order for him to provide treatment. Sends out patient form and blood tests prior to app. Epigenx Integrated Medicine, South Yarra Ph:8888 0444 (

  • Sunbury: Dr Isaac Golden and Anita Di Stasil (ph: 8099 5536 . they use a holistic approach - GP / homeopathy etc.

  • Warrnambool:  Dr Murray Grave, Musculoskeletal Physician - recommendation from EDS Australia member 

  • Werribee: Dr Sarah Mollard, GP - ME/CFS - The Clinic Werribee, 15 Princess Highway, Werribee. Not far from the Civic Centre. Ph no is 9741 1200

  • Yarra Junction: Dr Tony Balint, GP - knowledge of alternative medicine - believes in CFS/ ME/ EDS/ FMS/ EMS/ MCS/ POTS etc

  • Yarra Junction: Blue Horizon Clinic

  • Yarra Junction: AVOID Yarra Junction Medical Centre - (some of?) the docs think our illnesses are imaginary


Geneticists - for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

  • Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, does EDS genetic testing, it's clinical diagnosis and no management - "apparently they were inundated with queries  - I think it is still worth contacting them to let them know we are out there - nothing will change until more research is done and if they do not realise we are there we will continue to be ignored"
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital, Carlton, has a genetics clinic called the "Family Cancer Center".  if you have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) they deal with connective tissue disorders in a separate section. The RMH is not keen on EDS testing because they feel it will not change anything (ie diagnosis but no treatment). They are excellent and lovely though someone saw a female Geneticist there and was not happy with her. The name of the Geneticist you wlll see will be on your appointment slip which they send out to you.
  • Royal Childrens Hospital - Professor Ravi Savirayan - recommendation from EDS Australia group
  • Monash Children's Hospital - Professor Sue Piper - recommendation from EDS Australia group - "highly recommended ... also talks with specialists elsewhere who are involved with treatment etc of EDS"


Other Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Specialists

  • Mr Gary Nattrass, orthopaedic surgeon for kids, Royal Children's Hospital or Cabrini Hospital.  - recommendation from EDS Australia Stiff Zebras group - "expensive but worth it"
  • Dr Marlya Stelmach, eye specialist - "very knowledgeable about EDS and eye issues" 


Naturopaths & similar


Exercise Physiologists

  • Bendigo:  Liz Ridell, Recently did a research project on CFS and exercise. Practices at Ultimate Movement Bendigo, Shop 8/172-176 McIvor Rd, Bendigo. Ph: (04) 7415 9479