Queensland - Doctors and Specialists

By Kris Courtney on Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Disclaimer:  these recommendations are provided in good faith, and won't suit everyone.  please use your own judgement.  before travelling long distances, considering phoning the doctor to discuss suitability.


General Practitioners and Physicians

  • Dr Peetek Chan, in Toowong Brisbane.  "i wouldn't say he specialises in me/cfs, but is streets ahead of your average unaware g.p, and helped with relaxation. does acupuncture and herbs too if that's your thing. in my case, stress reduction is a big part of living as well as possible, with cfs...his wait list was about a week or two...standard fees i think." 
  • Dr Gary Deed, Mediwell, 314 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo, Brisbane 4151 (07) 3421 7488. - "Experienced in ME/CFS, POTS, EDS" - "good doctor and human"
  • Dr Greg Emerson, specialist in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Spring Hill, Brisbane.   "a good doctor for ME/CFS.  good but expensive"
  • Dr Kylie Johnson, General Physician (Internal Medicine) at Royal Brisbane Hospital.  Ph 07 3636 8346.
  • Dr Paolo Morisco (MD) at Health and Wellbeing, Toowoomba - - "I like his lines of investigation - a few pathology tests I'd never had before (and we've all had a lot!) and a sort of holistic approach. great staff and reasonable fee" 
  • Dr Ray Mullen, at Nautilus Health, Toowoomba. - *no feedback yet*  "he sounds good but bookings are 2 weeks in advance, also pricey, and there is a flight of steps at the clinic" 
  • Dr John Ryan, GP - at Aspley Medical Centre. - "He is fabulous, and has worked in gut issues for a long time. His wife is a nutritionist and his daughter a naturopath, they all work out of the same office. He has helped me a lot with my issues, but I'm going back this week to have a check up as my body has changed since having a baby. (Submitted by group member). "



  • Dr David Coman, Paediatrician, Geneticist & Metabolic Physican, Wesley Medical Centre, Auchenflower Brisbane, (07) 3371 5122. He also has a Facebook page and a web site - - according to other posts, apparently has EDS
  • Dr. John Macmillan, Geneticist, at Genetic Health Queensland, a state-wide service  "Genetics Queensland is run from Bundaberg office, but we saw him in Rockhamptom. He diagnosed EDS in someone with a Beighton score of only 1 so that is good as he is maybe looking at all factors not just hypermobility"
  • Marfan Clinic - at Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane


Cardiologists & Tilt Table Testing

  • Sean Mulhearn, Cardiologist, The Wesley Hospital, Auchenflower Brisbane.   He also consults at Ipswich and Sunnybank.   Provides tilt table testing.  Was helpful for someone with EDS & POTS.  


ME/CFS Specialists


Respiratory / Pulmonary Specialists

  • Dr Robyn O'Sullivan, specialist in Respiratory, Pulmonary and Sleep, Greenslopes Private Hospital, GREENSLOPES, QLD, 4120 Phone : 07 3397 1488.   Special Interest : All sleep disorders, respiratory muscle disorders, dyspnoea - *still waiting for feedback* - not known how helpful she is 



  • Dr Pamela McCombe, Neurologist, at St Andrew's Place, 33 North Street St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, (07) 3831 1842"a neurologist who treats patients with POTS"  - *no feedback yet*
  • Dr Gamini Jayasinghe, Neurologist, Nambour.  *no feedback yet* 
  • Dr Robert Henderson, Neurologist, at the Royal Women's Hospital - "knows all about POTS and migraines" 


Other Specialists

  • Elisabeth Singler, Naturopath & RN, Tooowomba - "I thought she was fantastic. pity she can't prescribe, but I recommend her for naturopathic care." 


Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Specialists

  • Dr James Emmet, Plastic Surgeon, Suite 103, Morris Towers, 149 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000.  Phone 3831 4040.  "this doctor understands and knows all about EDS, he has EDS himsefl"
  • Dr Matthew Hawthorne, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Intraface provide consultations at Bowen Hills, Ipswich, Pialba, Maryborough and Sunnybank."he knows about EDS and extracted wisdom teeth without dislocating my daughter's jaw"
  • Dace Johnson, Physiotherapist (Paediatric),  Coorparoo - "this physio knows about EDS but treats children only (she specialises in orthopaedics and biomechanics). Make sure to book a long appointment."
  • Clint Neilsen, Orthotics, Chermside Brisbane. - "found these 100% better than the orthotics from the podiatrist." 
  • Professor David Ward, Northside Private Emergency Centre, Chermside Brisbane - "note that this is an emergency centre and it will refer you on specialist help and it is very expensive ($350 a visit mostly not claimable at Medicare) but 100% worth it if you are desperate. As it is next to the Holy Spirit Hospital they have priority access to XRay/Ultrasound and if it is needed MRI on the spot as part of the examination. This Dr knew about EDS. I have taken a few family members to this Centre over the years (it is an 8-9 hr round trip for us to Brisbane) on non-EDS issues and every Doctor we have found there has been excellent. No appointment necessary, you just turn up.  Very minimal waiting time. Absolutely worth the time/expense to get there and the consultation fee."
  • Dr Lorna Kratzing, General Physician. (NOT the same as a GP), at private practice clinic of Royal Brisbane Hospital. BULK BILLS!! ph. (07) 3636 3538
  • QUT Podiatry Clinic, Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove. $20 per appointment. approx $60 for custom made orthotics (about $400 worth) ph.(07) 3138 9777
  • UQ Physiotherapy Clinic, St Lucia - also very inexpensive treatment. ph. (07) 3365 2232