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By Kris Courtney on Monday, June 24, 2013


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Disclaimer:  these recommendations are provided in good faith, and won't suit everyone.  Please use your own judgement  before travelling long distances, considering phoning the doctor to discuss suitability.



  • Dr Stacey Jankelowitz, Neurologist & Neurophysiologist - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney - private rooms at Bondi Junction.  *WARNING* "she said she can't tell if my POTS is caused by deconditioning or pure dysautonomia -  she referred me to an electrophysiiologist [to look at the rhythms & electrical currents of the heart]"
  • Dr Alan McDougall - at Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool - also a Senior Lecturer at University of NSW
  • Dr Mark Thieben, Clinical Neurophysiologist - Nepean Hospital, Penrith.- Dr Mark Thieben offers a Neurophysiology service including Electromyography, Nerve Conduction Studies, and a limited number of evoked potentials (mainly SEP and VEP).  Dr Mark Thieben contributed to Mayo Clinic research on POTS, proving neuropathic and autoimmune involvement - see  - "[Aug 2013] is not taking new patients at Nepean Hospital, is moving to Royal North Shore"



  • Dr Malcom Barlow, Cardiologist and General Physician - private rooms at Hunter Heart, New Lambton, Newcastle -
  • Dr Duncan Guy, Cardiologist - at Norwest and Westmead Hospitals, private rooms in Castle Hill and Westmead.*WARNING*  "Does not believe in POTS and makes this clear to patients"
  • Dr Bruce Walker, Cardiologist - at St Vincent's clinic, adjacent to St Vincent's hospital, Darlinghurst Sydney.Areas of interest: cardiac arrhythmias, radiofrequency ablation, pacing, syncope."Diagnoses through tilt table testing (TTT) and tries numerous medications till he finds one that works. He is very thorough and checks all the POTS measurements each visit. He also diagnoses dysautonomia. He is not a dysautonomia expert, as he doesn't always know exactly why the body does certain weird things, but he is very good with the heart side of things."



  • Dr David Sutherland, Clinical Immunologist - Broadmeadow Newcastle - "knowledgeable about POTS and [some?] mast cell disorders"




  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Department of Molecular and Clinical Genetics - Missenden Road, Camperdown, NSW 2050 - "for EDS testing"
  • Dr Anne Ronan, Clinical Geneticist - Hunter Genetics , Newcastle, with outreach clinics through northern NSW (Waratah, Muswellbrook, Taree, Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Lismore and Kingscliff) - - "She is one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent and caring doctors I have ever seen. Before my consult she went as far as contacting researches in USA who are doing current POTS genetics testing. Brilliant doctor."
  • Dr David Sillence, Clinical Geneticist - The Childrens Hospital, at Westmead Sydney - or private rooms at Westmead Private - he is also the Foundation Chair and a Professor of Genetics at Sydney University -
  • Dr Lisa Worgan, Clinical Geneticist - Genetics Clinic, Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool - also a lecturer in medicine at University of NSW - "she diagnosed me with EDS type III ... lovely lady, i highly recommend her ... answered many questions and put my mind at ease ..." "8 month wait [August 2013]"
  • Dr Andreas Zankl, Clinical Geneticst - The Children's Hospital, at Westmead Sydney - has an interest in rare genetic diseases including connective tissue dysplasia - he is also a Professor of Medical Genetics at University of Sydney -  - previously at University of Queensland and Genetic Health Qld - "EDS.  moved from Brisbane and well respected"


Other Physicians 

  • Dr Caroline Broderick, Paediatric Sports Medicine - The Children's Hospital, Westmead Sydney - "my daughter was diagnosed and treated by POTS through Westmead Children's Hospital.  The best doctor we found was Dr Caroline Broderick at CHISM (Children's Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine)."
  • Dr Edwin Cassar, Physician - Garran / Woden Valley, Canberra -*WARNING* claims to have 35 years experience in multi-system illnesses, with qualifications in General Medicine, Cardiology, Rheumatology and Pain Medicine.  Despite this experience and training, wilfully ignored other specialist's  reports describing serious immune and neurological dysfunction, re-diagnosed to have "somatoform disorder" (imaginary/hysterical illness, and accused patient of not trying and not wanting to get better.


General Practitioners

  • Dr Jenny Dan - Glendale, Newcastle
  • Dr Peter Dobie - Lilyfield, Sydney - areas of interest: integrative medicine, nutritional medicine, etc - - "Don't know much about him though but sounds sympathetic - Fibromyalgia and CFS" "about ?20 yrs ago, he was with environmental unit of Manly Waters Private Hospital, working with Dr Mark Donahoe & Dr Joachim Fluhrer, he was quite helpful then"
  • Dr Nyrie Dodd - Newtown, Sydney - "Will have to write her a letter explaning situation. Great for lyme, Sarcoidosis, CFS, Fibromyalgia etc"
  • Dr Mark Donohoe, GP - Cremorne, Sydney - areas of interest:  multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) - - "he helped my son" "he is excellent at the biochemistry of symptoms, and was happy towork in conjunctin with Dr Schloeffel, they both praise each other"
  • Dr Alexander Gillespie, GP - in Leura and Penrith - areas of interest include Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)"he knows a lot about EDS"
  • Dr Ian Rafter, GP - Macquarie Street, Sydney - Bondi Junction, Sydney (?) - areas of interest:  ME/CFS/FM and post-cancer fatigue - "the best doctor i've seen for CFS/FM ... based on diet-related autoimmune effects such as leaky gut and food allergies, and toxic conditions caused by that, and treatment using hormone replacement, herbal tonics and others ... i could not recommend him more highly".
  • Dr Ben Seckold - Hamilton, Newcastle - for EDS - - "was open to exploring EDS diagnosis initially and helped with all necessary referrals, support and care. Member now has EDS Hypermobility diagnosis through Geneticist and Dr Seckold is learning all about EDS!"
  • Dr Jonathan Turtle, GP - Gordon, Sydney - areas of interest: chronic fatigue disorders, allergies and intolerances, gut disorders, fibromyalgia, hormonal disorders, etc - "i saw him for gut issues and exhaustion, he was terrific" "great integrative medicine GP" "he's great and CFS is his area of speciality" "he charges $300-350*/hr, and first consult will take 1.5-2hrs"  *before medicare & safety net rebate  


Other Practitioners

  • Tegan Butters, Physiotherapist - Merimbula - great physio
  • Michelle O'Sullivan, Occupation Therapist - The Sports Physio Clinic, in Narrabeen and West Pymble - areas of interest:  hypermobility, chronic pain & fatigue -